Parts Of A SILVA Compass

International Universal Standards

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Basic Parts

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Highlighted Features

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Basic Parts Of A Compass

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Highlighted Features of Silva Compass
Needle; Red North Tungsten Steel Needle with Friction Free Sapphire Jeweled Bearing. Balanced for one of the world compass balance zones.
Capsule; Liquid Filled with Permanently Clear Anti-Static Liquid dampening, stops the needle in less that 4 seconds. Ultrasonically welded, waterproof.
Orienting Arrow; Outlined Red for a ?Red Arrow To Outline Red North Needle" alignment match for quick direction readings.
Declination Correction Scale

Rotating Dial/Capsule for smooth, quick alignment with Index Line sets the course.

2? Graduations
Map Scale - USGS Maps
Luminous Navigation Points - Non-Radioactive!
Direction of Travel Arrow
Magnifying Lens for viewing map details


Ergonomic  Comfortable hand contoured Baseplate, ergonomic design  is distortion-free so you see map details clearly through the Baseplate when working with this fine quality instrument.


Silva's Precision Instruments Are Built For Rugged And Dependable Service.  It Is Entirely Up To The User To Use The Technology Wisely To Gain The Most Benefits And Satisfaction.  Below Is A Collection Of Wisdom gathered Over The years..... To Understand, Is To Gain Access To Benefits.

We Recommend Reading The Instruction Booklet Provided With Each Silva Compass. They Were Designed For Quick, Effective Learning And Understanding The Proper Use; Accurately!

Hold A Instrument-Grade Compass Level To Gain More Consistent Heading Readings.

Iron, Steel, Electrical Devices And Wire With Electrical Current Flowing, Distorts The Earth's Magnetic Field, And Thereby Causing Inaccurate Compass Readings ---- And Can Reverse The Polarity Of A Compass Needle!  Stay Clear Of These Items When Taking A Compass Reading And When Storing A Compass!

Do Not Expose The Compass To High Temperatures.

Small Bubbles In The Liquid-Filled Capsule Have No Influence On Compass Accuracy. They may appear or disappear in response to changes in temperature and atmospheric pressure. If a bubble larger than 1/4? in diameter appears, the capsule may be damaged or leaking and will need to be replaced.

Insect Repellents Containing DEET Will Cloud The Plastic Of A Compass And Remove Markings!  Keep Insect Repellents Away From A Compass At All Times - Storage In A Compass Case When Not Directly Being Used!

The Luminous Points Will Glow For Approximately 20 Minutes After Being Exposed To Bright Light.  Storing A Mini White-Light LED Light Device With The Compass Is Wise.

Silva's Instrument-Grade Compasses Can Provide Exceptional Service During Camping, Canoeing, Kayaking, Mountain Biking, Trekking, Hiking, Hunting, Fishing, Telescope Alignment, Star Gazing, Traveling, And Rescue Teams Throughout The World.


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